2015 National Rosenwald Conference

2015 Rosenwald School Conference

The National Trust for Historic Preservation along with a team of local partners are proud to present the 2015 National Rosenwald Schools Conference: Sharing the Past→Shaping the Future in Durham, North Carolina. Once home to the largest number of Rosenwald Schools, North Carolina is rich with Rosenwald School restoration and rehabilitation activities. 

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YouTube Video – The Rosenwald Schools: Work in Progress

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Buard History Trail Videos – Part 1 & 2

African Americans in Marshall, TX: A remarkable contribution to Marshall’s growth and development. Created and produced by Bo Ellis. Part 1 – A Field Trip Through History – Part 2 – Eyewitnesses to History

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Early Texas Black Education – Mary Allen Seminary, Crockett, Texas

Mary Allen College, Crockett, Texas

The Mary Allen Seminary, a boarding school for African-American girls, went through two earlier permutations. The school was founded as the Crocker Presbyterian Church Colored Sabbath School (1871-1875) and then became the Moffatt Parochial School (1975-1885). The Reverend Samuel Fisher Tenney was apparently active in the founding of both schools.

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Texas Rosenwald Schools by County (PDF)


Attached is a PDF copy of the Rosenwald Schools built in Texas. The list comes from the original files creaed by Tuskegee College in Tuskegee, Alabama. The files are maintained in a collection housed at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. CLICK Photo to see the PDF list of Texas schools 

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After the Civil War ended, many former slaves moved to Texas. After reconstruction, many of the conditions that existed during slavery returned, the liberal polices of some Texans permitted African Americans to own land. The ability to own land created a kind of boom of ex-slaves moving to the state. Many were accomplished farmers and they did well.

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Marshall New Town Historical Tour (pdf)

Marshall New Town Brouchure-1

Marshall New Town Brochure The Marshall Historical Landmark Preservation Board has put together a historical sites brochure that features sites and locations in the Marshall, Texas area. The title is “Marshall’s Historic New Town Neighborhood. To access the guide in PDF format, just click on the title above or on the photo to the left. Click here to open the brochure…

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