The Negro – A Menace to American Civilization 1907

The Negro – a Menace to American Civilization –

Publiblished 1907
By R. W. Shufeldt, MD

This book was a popular explanation of the uselessness of Black people regardless of what reality had to say. These false ideas are another source of misinformation that has been passed down to generations of White people over the years and still believed by many of them to this day.

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“as they may possess all of the vicious and sensual traits of the negro, without the color of the latter’s skin as a warning flag to the unwary.”
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These half-breed negroes in the United States, or, in fact, all that class of people having any negro blood in them at all, are extremely objectionable factors to add to our nation or risk in the building up of our civilization. They often, indeed in a large proportion of instances, are worse than the typical Negroes themselves, and certainly a large number of them are no better. Read more