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After the Civil War ended, many former slaves moved to Texas. After reconstruction, many of the conditions that existed during slavery returned, the liberal polices of some Texans permitted African Americans to own land. The ability to own land created a kind of boom of ex-slaves moving to the state. Many were accomplished farmers and they did well. In addition to successfully providing for themselves, their was a desire to educate their children. They felt education would give them the opportunity to become more than farmers.

As a state, Texas chose not to make provisions to fund schools for Negros. In spite of the lack of support from the state, they persevered in their effort to educate their youth. To assist them, Booker T. Washington partnered with Julius Rosenwald to help communities get funding to build schools for Negro children. The Rosenwald Fund helped build over 500 schools in Texas with a vast majority built in East Texas.

A few of the original buildings still exist. The attached link is a project to locate and map the communities where the schools in Texas were built. Most of the schools were built in rural communities making them difficult to locate. The Mapping of Texas Rosenwald schools is an on-going project, so if any of you are aware of communities where they were, please contact us with information.