NPACCESS.com is home to a internet project designed to serve as a source of information and how to training for those who want to know about African American historical places  in East Texas. Black communities in East Texas are rich in historical activity and stories and now is the time to bring them to the attention of our fellow citizens. 

We have many historical places, buildings, people, churches and cemetaries that, through the years, have grown in community significances. Sadly, many of those who actually lived in those communities since the civil war ended in 1864 have passed away and many have taken the knowledge of their times with them. Fortunatey for us, a great deal of information has been passed down through the years.

A few of these historical places have been tagged with Texas historical markers, but not nearly enough. NPACCESS.COM hopes to move many more of these historical artifacts to state recognition. This can only happen through the combined efforts of the people in the communities that are worthy of recognition. Please share this site and the associated facebook page with your friends and relatives.

NPACCESS.COM is a project created by Greg Muckelroy. Greg is a member of the Gregg County Historical Commission and a past Diversity Scholar with the National Trust of Historical Preservation. He also works with the Rosenwald section of the Texas Historical Commission and the East Texas Historical Association. Greg maintains this sites and you can contact him through the comments on this site and Facebook Messageing.